Teeth Bleaching


Teeth Bleaching: Try our Amazing Nice & Bright tooth whitening program! One time enrollment fee and free at home RX strength bleaching for the rest of your life. (Kor Whitening System is also available for in-office bleaching)

Nice & Bright Tooth Whitening Program

Our Nice & Bright whitening program allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. For a one time fee of $97, you can sign up for the program that will last a lifetime (that is about the same price two drug store whitening kits would cost)!

With the Nice & Bright program, you get custom made trays that will fit your teeth perfectly as well as a lifetime supply of whitening solution. All you have to do is show up to your dental appointments and let us know you will need more solution.

KoR In-Office Bleaching

Our in-office bleaching is a fast and effective way of brightening your smile! The bleaching will lighten spotted, stained, or dark teeth. It takes an hour to permanently whiten your teeth in a comfortable process that produces low sensitivity. It is a safe process that ages 14 and up can enjoy.

Teeth lose their ability to absorb oxygen over time, KӧR restores this ability so the whitening gel is absorbed into the teeth, whitening both the enamel and the inner layers. It works so well that you can continue to drink coffee, red wine, and tea!

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