Oral Surgery


At Modern Family Dentists, we perform simple extractions, implants, and wisdom tooth removal. A simple extraction is the removal of a tooth that does not involve the removal of any gum tissue.  These procedures can typically be done with just local anesthetic, but in cases where the patient has anxiety, more sedatives can be given. We give specific instructions on how to care for the wound after the tooth is removed. Extractions can be done for teeth that are damaged beyond repair.

Implants are a three step process, beginning with the placement of a screw. This involves drilling into the jaw to root the screw into the bone, when the bone heals, it encompasses the screw so that the screw becomes like the root of the tooth in the jaw. An abutment is then attached. The abutment is a piece that attaches the screw to the restoration, or false tooth.

Wisdom teeth can be removed for several reasons. One of the main reasons they are removed is because there is not enough room in the jaw for them. When they begin to grow in they push us against your molars and begin to shift all your teeth around. They can become impacted, never growing to the surface of the gums.

Another reason they are removed is because they are not growing in properly, and not breaking all the way through the gums which can cause bacteria to build up under the gum. The last reason they are removed is because they are not coming in right side up. It is important to remove wisdom teeth that are not growing in properly so that you don’t end up with any infections or jaw damage.

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