Mouth Guards


A mouth guard is a flexible appliance that protects the teeth from damage. Modern Family Dentists makes mouth guards for sporting activities as well as night guards. We make mouth guards that are a custom fit for you. Our mouth guards are more effective, comfortable and durable than ones that can be bought in a store.

We recommend that you wear a mouth guard while doing sports; it will protect the teeth from getting chipped or damaged. Mouth guards have been known to protect against neck injuries, jaw fractures and broken teeth. They will save you from costly oral injuries and will protect your smile.

Many people grind their teeth when they are sleeping; this causes fractures as well as worn teeth that can easily be prevented by wearing a night guard. A night guard can also help with TMJ (jaw clenching) issues. A night guard can last you up to 10 years.

To properly care for your mouth guard you should clean it regularly using warm water and soap, keep it in a ventilated box when not in use so that it can dry out, leave it in cooler areas, and contact Modern Family Dentists if you have any issues with it.

To protect your teeth and get a mouth guard call 262-444-5018 or email [email protected].

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