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FAQ: Dental Implants

I’m thinking about getting dental implants, are they the right decision for me?

  • What do dental implants cost?
  • Are dental implants covered by my insurance?
  • How long will replacing one or more teeth with dental implants take?
  • What risks are involved with dental implants?
  • Who should carry out the procedure?
  • Will having dental implants hurt?
  • Will I have teeth while my custom crown/bridge is being created?

Questions And Answers about Dental Implants

I’m thinking about getting dental implants, are they the right decision for me?
Answering some simple questions can help you decide whether or not dental implants are the right tooth-replacement option for you:

1) Would you like a smile that looks natural?

Quality dental implants fit, feel and function just like natural teeth. Other more traditional options can hinder your everyday activities such as speaking, smiling, and eating.

2) Would you like a new smile without the hassle?

With dental implants, you can bite normally, eat almost anything you like, and care for you your teeth as you normally would. Traditional options such as dentures can make eating an uncomfortable experience, limit the foods you can eat, and have to be removed when cleaning.

3) Would you like a smile that won’t embarrass you?

As dental implants are sturdily secured to your jawbone, whatever you attach to them won’t shift, click or move, giving you a more confident smile. Traditional options such as dentures can slip when talking, eating, and even laughing, often leading to embarrassing moments

If your answer was “Yes” to even just one of these questions, we have some good news for you: dental implants can be the best tooth-replacement option for you.

What will I spend to have dental implants?

None of this cost a million dollars! Now that is cleared up you have to realize each dental implant treatment procedure is as unique as the patients themselves, the required number of procedures, required appointments, and overall cost can widely vary. Just like having a hand made dress or suit, it depends on what you pick out for your new smile that will influence the price the most. In our office alone ranges have gone from $2,000-$78,000! We will give you an estimated cost after an initial assessment and examination of your mouth and teeth, providing you with all the information you’ll need for your treatment plan. Your teeth can affect almost every aspect of your daily life– eating, smiling, laughing and your confidence – making dental implants a great tooth-replacement investment.

Does my insurance pay for dental implants?

Many insurance companies now recognize the benefits of dental implants compared with more traditional tooth-replacement options over the long term, and often provide some level of coverage. If your insurer doesn’t specifically provide dental implant coverage, they may be able to contribute towards the equal cost of dentures or a bridge. Your dental implant expert can also provide information about payment options.

How long will replacing one or more teeth with dental implants take?

As with the cost of dental implants, the time to restore one or more teeth can vary widely. 6 months to 30 months can be the range. Your dental implant expert will give you an estimated time to complete the procedure. Many factors can affect the time required to complete the process, depending on your needs, your dental and medical histories, the condition of the upper and lower jaw, and the materials and technique required to complete the procedure.
Typically, multiple appointments are necessary. We want to ensure a result that will be sturdy, strong, and long lasting so your smile feels, looks, and functions like natural teeth. Usually most of the process is finished in as little as one visit or a few months. Complex cases requiring extensive restorative work to the jawbone before fitting dental implants can make the process longer but more satisfying in the end. You are able to continue with normal life and work in between visits. The most important part of the treatment is that it is right for you.

What risks are involved with dental implants?

As one of the most predictable dental procedures, dental implants have been in use for over three decades, and have been proven to be safe.

Any surgical procedure carries risk. Dental implant surgery is no different. Although complications are rare, risks can be higher for smokers or those with other medical conditions.

Risks can include:
• Infection – which responds well to medication
• Damage to existing teeth and roots
• Sinus problems
• Fractures
• Nerve damage – this can result in pain, tingling or numbness
• Failure to complete the process due to insufficient jawbone
• Implant failure

Discuss your medical history and habits with your dental implant expert before any treatment so you find out about the specifics of any potential risks involved.

Who should carry out the procedure?

It is imperative you choose a dental implant dentist who has undertaken the essential training and possesses the experience and skills necessary to fully assess your needs to create your customized treatment plan. Ask to look at case results and beware that many health care professionals all across medicine learn some techniques in as little as one or two weekend courses, not multi-year programs like Dr. Aust has attended. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Make sure you find someone with experience.

Will having dental implants hurt?

Being a surgical procedure, patients may experience some discomfort and/or bruising, depending entirely on their situation, and personal medical history. Patients often report being pleasantly surprised at how they feel after treatment in our office. This is due to us taking advantage of modern medicine. Most patients are able to return to work and continue with their daily activities the following day, while functioning normally in between appointments.

Will I have teeth while my custom crown/bridge is being created?

In some cases yes. In some cases a removable appliance like an clear retainer with temporary teeth can be placed on your dental implants or adjacent teeth while they integrate with your jawbone.

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