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Dentures are devices used to replace the look of missing teeth and receding gums. They are made to look like your teeth and are removable. This can be either for the entire mouth or part of the mouth, to keep the remaining teeth in place.
Dentures have many functions, not just improving the look of your smile! They fill out the area where your teeth once were, restoring the look of your cheeks and lips.They can also improve your ability to chew and digest food. Speaking and pronunciation also becomes easier with dentures.

Dentures can be designed to rest on implants and can be permanently attached or they can be designed to be removed. Dentures that rest on implants give you significantly improved control over your ability to eat and chew as well as giving superior, confident esthetics.

Dentures can last many years with proper care, but may need some adjusting over time. Modern Family Dentists can make dentures as well as do adjustments and fittings. Call 262.484.4356 or email [email protected] to learn more about dentures and how they can benefit you.

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