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Don’t stay in pain! We now offer same day emergency appointments at our Kenosha dental office Monday through Friday, call us at

Don’t have dental insurance, and are worried about the cost? We have financing options as well as our dental benefit plan.

We have a great way to find an emergency dentist in Kenosha, WI. Pleasant Prairie, WI and Winthrop Harbor, IL as well.
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To maximize your benefit, you need a dentist with medical and dental knowledge. Our dentist worked in two different hospitals for seven years, has trained Emergency Room Physicians, that’s right MDs, on emergency dental pain and its treatment. He also worked in an operating room, for 7 years, with a surgical team. People that desire the best emergency dental care, nearby, call us.

Kenosha, WI emergency dentists
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Do you remember the scam that swept the nation about locksmiths? Sites would pop up and get you to call when you were locked out of your car or house and put you in touch with a “local” “emergency” locksmith? Ya, right! They set up price schemes and extorted victims in need. These sites were often blocking out the local reliable small business that could serve you best!

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There is a wave sweeping the nation and it’s with emergency tooth pain. Perceived as a nice alternative to an emergency room visit where nothing can be done, emergency “24/7” websites only are showing up in your search. Many times, you are at your most desperate point and unscrupulous sites, claiming to support you 24/7 just popup, usually with a lot of popups! But ……..only for you to find out ……. the dentist you got referred to isn’t available 24/7, just the site is. The place you got referred may not even be available as much as we are. But who know because some site has prevented you from talking to them.

Kenosha, WI emergency dentist
Do you even know if that dentist does extractions or root canals to get you out of pain? Or do you get referred on to a specialist? Remember, in order to maximize your benefit, you need someone with medical and dental know how. Our dentist worked in not one hospital but two, as well as sat on the peer review board, a very prestigious position. Two different hospitals in seven years, and has trained Emergency Room Medical Doctors on emergency dental pain and treatment as well as help privileges in an operating room.

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Investigate the website or call us because we perform almost all extractions in house. We do have to be safe and will use a specialist if it is required. We love our local specialists and get along with them great! Certain situations can only be handled by them, but that is few and far between. Specialists are usually to busy to get you in on an emergency basis, so make sure you go to a general dentist that does the procedures in house like we do. Yep, no running around in pain from one office to the next, just one stop and done. You will be treated so well here that you might even find that we become your new dental home. A spot to rely on when you are in a jam, or a place to create a beautiful new you. The choice is yours, our team loves to support our patients.

Kenosha, WI emergency dentist
Pleasant Prairie WI, emergency dentist
Trust your gut and stay local. We do our best to get you in the same day and you deal directly with us, no third party booking system that wants to take a piece of you while you are at your weakest moment and in pain.

Call 262-232-6334
Here is our great way to find an emergency dentist in Kenosha, WI. You can call us direct! 262-232-6334. We have an afterhours call phone and many times, if you leave a message, we are going to call you right back because we know what we have available the next day for appointments. The phone number you need to dial again is 262-232-6334. If you call now we will pick up or you should leave a message and we will find a space for you and call you back that night or the next morning. We do sleep! Grin….so realize we will call you the next morning if it is very late at night. We guarantee if you leave a message we will return the call that night or by the next morning. Emergency Dentist Kenosha, Wisconsin. The professional way to find an emergency dentist is to make sure they do emergency treatment. Your #1 hope for reaching a person in the area with a personal touch after hours, who can connect you with a dentist that does emergency dental procedures in Kenosha, Wisconsin is to call us. Additionally, you can search the 100’s of blog articles our dentist has personally written and find great information about your oral care. Just try the search box above, but call us first at 262-232-6334.

Emergency Services: Today, aka right now, is the time to call, we are reachable 24/7, and you can talk to our emergency dentist Kenosha WI telephone. You have an unexpected dental emergency and a dentist is right here to help you. We have evenings and five days a week to serve you. If you feel like you are in a crisis situation you can call and get an appointment as soon as possible.

Emergency and urgent dental care isn’t performed by every dentist, but it is by our dentist. Remember not all dental offices do the treatment required to get you out of pain. To maximize your benefit, you need someone with medical and dental knowledge. Our dentist worked in two different hospitals for seven years, has trained Emergency Room Physicians on emergency dental pain and treatment AND worked in an operating room.

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