Crowns are artificial caps place over teeth; they can be made for several uses:

  • To restore the tooth’s function
  • To restore the look of a tooth.
  • To restore the tooth after an extensive root canal
  • To restore a tooth after parts have been removed due to decay
  • To attach to bridges
  • To cover implants
  • To improve the alignment of your bite
  • To cover an existing filling that has become loose or dislocated
  • For aesthetics- to cover stained or discolored teeth

We want our crowns to look just like your teeth; Dr. Antonoff takes special care to make sure they blend in with the look and feel of your natural teeth. For a crown to be placed, a tooth must typically be filed down to fit the crown over top. An impression is made of the tooth, and then a custom designed crown is made from the impression. The crown is then cemented over top of the existing tooth or implant.

We recommend getting porcelain crowns. They are white and mimic the natural look and color of your teeth. They are also very durable and can increase the lifespan of a tooth as well as the durability.

If you are interested in hearing more about what crowns can do for you call 262-444-5018 or email [email protected].

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