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Composite Fillings

Remember when fillings were metal or amalgam? Do you still have fillings that are metal? They can cause discomfort and require more of the tooth to be removed in order to fill the cavity.


At Modern Family Dentists LLC we use a process called composite filling. These two types are often referred to as “white” and “silver” fillings because of their color. Composite fillings are comprised of a resin that is UV reactive and hardens when we shine a special UV light on it. This special UV hardening process bonds the resin to the tooth at a microscopic level, creating a lasting filling that won’t fall or get pulled out.


The downside to composite fillings is that they can wear faster if you are a teeth grinder or jaw clincher. So be sure if you are scheduling an appointment with Modern Family Dentists LLC for a filling that you tell Dr. Aust if you grind your teeth, or are unsure if you grind your teeth at night.


If you have any pain in a specific point on your tooth then you may have a cavity. Cavities are recesses in a tooth that form from bacteria build up which slowly eats away at your enamel and can eventually reach the root of the tooth.


It is important to fill cavities because the bacteria can cause more damage and decay as it gets deeper into the tooth. If you have tooth pain, bleeding gums, or abscesses schedule an appointment with Dr. Aust as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you here at Modern Family Dentists, LLC!


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