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Modern Family Dentists LLC is now a family oriented clinic. Trying to plan dental care for the whole family can be challenging, particularly if some family members have complicated dental needs. At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we can address dental needs no matter the age. Children should start visiting the dentist when their first teeth are erupting. Starting good dental hygiene early can make a difference later in life, including avoiding costly repairs or fillings. When your children visit the dentist with you, they can see that dentistry is nothing to be afraid of, and that making oral health a priority is important to their future.

We offer examinations and x-rays of baby teeth in order to identify possible future issues, and work to prevent those. Our office can also seal molars to prevent further decay or cavities. Dental care for the whole family can be costly. For those without insurance, our Dental Benefit Plan can be helpful in making these services more affordable. A single user plan costs $277, and a dual user plan is $377, with each additional member added at a rate of $80. Single plus $80 additional cannot be applied. In addition, we offer free consultations and coupons on our website to help you save more.

Starting oral health early sets a great example for children, which will carry on into their adult lives. A consistent brushing and flossing regimen can prevent costly issues in teen years and adulthood. In addition to amenities such as blankets and televisions in every room, we have flexible hours to help you fit everything in your day. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or appointment at Modern Family Dentists LLC, feel free to stop in or give us a call. We are happy to work with you and your family to create great outcomes.

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