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Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s teeth are just as important as their adult teeth, and here at Modern Family Dentists LLC we can provide the expert pediatric dentistry and attention they deserve.

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the dedicated care of oral health of children between infancy – when the first teeth come through, and adolescence – around the time when all their baby teeth have been replaced by their permanent adult teeth.

These years are vital for developing a regular oral care regime to ensure adult teeth remain strong and healthy for as long as possible.

Although children begin to lose their first set of teeth at around 6-7 years, their adult teeth are not fully developed until their early teens. It is important that both baby teeth and developing adult teeth are properly cared for to reduce the risk of oral complications later in life.

Why is caring for baby teeth so important?

Many people believe that children’s teeth do not require as much care as adult teeth. They’re only going to be replaced by a permanent set, so why bother?

Unfortunately, it is this belief that often leads to unnecessary complications in adulthood. From the very first baby tooth to a full set of adult teeth, all teeth deserve the expert care provided by Modern Family Dentists LLC.

Here’s why your child’s teeth should be looked after just as much as their adult teeth:

  • Just as useful as adult teeth – your child’s teeth are used to help them eat, speak and smile – just as your adult teeth help you.
  • Develop a regular oral care regime – as with all hygiene habits, such as washing hands, it’s always best to start early. By encouraging your child to brush their teeth at least twice a day – after waking and before bed – they will develop a regular oral care regime that will continue into adulthood.
  • Prevent cavities and other dental problems – other than their size, baby teeth are no different from adult teeth and can develop the same problems such as cavities.
  • They’re ‘placeholders’ for adult teeth – when baby teeth are properly cared for and allowed to develop as they should, they allow adult teeth to develop naturally. However, if baby teeth are lost or removed prematurely, they can affect the gums and jawbone which can negatively affect the growth and development of adult teeth.

At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we can provide the expert care and attention your child deserves. Our unmatched friendly service can also prevent your child from developing dentophobia – the fear of dentistry and dental treatment – which can lead to positive dental experiences throughout adulthood.

Although we serve the Kenosha area, many of our satisfied patients come from miles around for our services. Find out why by making an appointment for your child to receive the very best dental treatment from Modern Family Dentists LLC. And don’t forget – even in childhood, Smiles Change Outcomes.

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