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KoR Teeth Whitening

Have your teeth lost the brightness they once had? If so, Modern Family Dentists LLC can help you get a whiter, brighter smile using KoR teeth whitening technology. Widely recognised as the leading tooth whitening system, KoR works much differently to other tooth color restoration procedures. By actually penetrating the tooth itself, rather than simply working on the surface of the teeth, KoR provides a longer lasting solution to whiter teeth.

Many cleverly marketed tooth whitening systems make wild claims at achieving whiter teeth quickly and easily. These systems often lead to disappointment, as there is usually a huge difference in what was promised and what was delivered. Thankfully, KoR whitening is a system that lives up to its promises.

How does KoR whitening work?

As a leading innovator in whitening products, KoR works by creating a chemical reaction to form a chemical compound called hydrogen peroxide. You may have heard of this solution before – it is the active chemical used in many home hair-bleaching kits. KoR works just the same way, but instead on teeth. The reaction helps to break loose stains and pigment molecules trapped within the microstructure of your teeth, leaving them with a much whiter and brighter appearance.

KoR comes in gel form, which is applied to your teeth for extended periods of time to ensure the chemicals can effectively do their work. As saliva can stop tooth whitening gels to work as well as they should, we use a KöR-Seal™ tray to stop saliva affecting the gel. This tray is similar to the mouth guards used to treat teeth grinding and jaw clenching caused by bruxism and TMJ.

The gel is placed into the tray, which is then placed over the teeth and worn overnight to allow the solution to stay on the teeth for as long as possible. The longer the gel stays on the teeth, the better the results.

Here’s the cold truth about KoR teeth whitening

Like all peroxide gels, KoR gels work best when they are cold. Heat causes them to become less potent, meaning they won’t work as well as they should.

KoR gel remains refrigerated at all times – from when it is manufactured, through delivery, to the moment it is applied to your teeth. This is to make sure it does the very best job it can in providing you with a sparkly white smile you can be proud of.

Why not make an appointment with Modern Family Dentists LLC today to discuss your teeth whitening options? KoR teeth whitening is one of the most effective treatments available, and may be the best option for you. As Smiles Change Outcomes, a whiter, brighter smile can have you smiling with confidence.

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